Signature Sketch in Scottsdale

Article published at: May 6, 2024
Signature Sketch in Scottsdale
All On The Hunt

Hundreds of Hunt Slonem Fans Had the Opportunity to Meet the Artist at a Book Signing for His Book Bunnies at The Hop Up Shop Spring Pop Up at Neiman Marcus in Scottsdale Arizona.


Renowned artist Hunt Slonem brought his vibrant art and signature charm to a special book signing and shopping event at the Hop Up Shop Pop Up. Top customers and collectors gathered for the distinct opportunity to meet the celebrated painter and immerse themselves in his captivating world of bunnies, birds, and butterflies. The event offered attendees a unique opportunity to acquire a signed copy of Slonem's latest book and engage with the artist himself. When Hunt signs books he also draws a bunny which makes these signings really special and collectible. As guests shopped the Hop Up Shop collection and sipped champagne, they connected with Slonem on a personal level.

Warmth and excitement filled the atmosphere as fans and collectors mingled with Slonem, asking him to sign their Hop Up Shop pieces, exchanging anecdotes, and expressing admiration for his work. The Hop Up Pop Up Shop provided the perfect backdrop for the unforgettable event, offering a curated selection of luxury home goods showcasing Slonem's distinctive style.

Overall, the book signing celebrated spring, art, community, and creativity, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees.