Hunt Slonem’s Birthday Bash at the Polo Lounge

Article published at: May 6, 2024
Hunt Slonem’s Birthday Bash at the Polo Lounge
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Hunt Slonem's Chic Birthday Fête Takes Center Stage at the Polo Lounge


In a chic and luxurious fusion of two icons, The Hop Up Shop hosted a birthday party at the Polo Lounge in NYC for artist Hunt Slonem. Close friends gathered for an evening of opulence and artistic brilliance, honoring the renowned painter in a setting steeped in history and elegance.


The ambiance was a visual delight, with the Polo Lounge bedecked in exquisite tableware from The Hop Up Shop’s collection adorned with Slonem's iconic artworks. Guests enjoyed a five-star meal alongside the vibrant display of Slonem’s motifs, from his classic bunnies to vibrant butterflies, immersing themselves in Slonem's creative universe. Amidst laughter and heartfelt toasts, the guests celebrated Slonem's profound impact on the art world, expressing admiration for his artistic vision and contributions. It was a night brimming with joy, and appreciation to create an unforgettable evening.